Be the Change

Changing how we Think

If you do not hunt or know how to shoot a gun instead of being afraid I ask you to go and ask someone who does know how to teach you or go to a class. This will allow you to learn in a safe way. I ask you to be open minded and try something new. If you do not know someone or do not know where to start you can Google it. I am always available to answer questions and help out as well.

If you are a hunter or a shooter offer to take someone who does not know how to shoot and teach them how to be safe and what to do. Make it a good experience. Think of your first time shooting or your best experience with it and channel that. Good or bad use it to make a good experience and a memorable one for them, because if someone has a good experience they are more likely to want to do it again.

Instead of breeding scare and dislike lets break down the walls and teach each other. Change how someone sees firearms or allow someone to change how you see them. Be able to learn something new and be able to teach. Lets not judge each other one way or the other. Things are only scary until we understand them. We are all scared of something but the more we do to learn about those scary things, the better off we are.

So today lets be the change. Lets be the reason we make new friends. Be the reason someone learns something new. Be the reason we break the walls that are built up around ourselves or someone around us.

Just hanging out and relaxing before I compete. 2016 MT State Shoot.

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