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About BuckshotBarbi

Hi, I’m Victoria,

I grew up hunting and fishing with my family, camping and riding horses. I LOVE to be outside exploring and experiencing nature. I grew up in Colorado and currently live in Montana. Over the years I have lived mainly in Wyoming and Colorado but I have spent time in Europe as well as a lot of the United Sates, Mexico and Canada. I love to travel and meet new people, challenges and experiences. While in college i competed with the University Shotgun Club, between studying of course ;). On my weekends I can be found traveling to a shoot somewhere, hiking with my dogs, or horseback.

Night on the town in Paris, France

I love God, my family, friends and my pets. I believe there is a time to get dolled up and a time to get dirty. I like to wear the occasional dress and I love my nails painted/done. Enjoying an ice cold beer with friends or a glass of wine and a sappy movie or a good book are some of my favorite things. I enjoy running, I like high heels but I also love my cowboy boots. Basically I’m a walking enigma and guess what…I love it! I love being multi-faceted and having a lot of different interests.

I am a young woman who has a passion for the shooting sports, hunting, fishing, hiking and basically anything outdoors. I love to travel and have a wandering soul. I wanted to create a space to talk about competition shooting, hunting, and any other information that may be helpful for aspiring women in the shooting sports. I want to showcase the good in the shooting sports and show the world it is NOT about killing. It IS a way of life, tradition, family, love, patience, perseverance, and hard work. I have a passion for the shooting sports and want to share anything I can on the subject and share my adventures.

I hope you enjoy the site and take some time to read about my passion. I believe that knowledge is power and educating people on shooting sports is important. When you were little you were probably afraid of something: an animal, a new food, a new situation. Right? But as we grow and are put in situations where we have to deal with our  fears we learn that they aren’t so scary. This is my goal, to show that shooting isn’t scary and neither are firearms, its all in how you approach a situation and how you handle yourself. The more we know and educate people the better off we will be. So stick around, explore and ask questions if you like.

Shooting practice in Kerville, Texas before Nationals

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